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Twenty-one years and counting, over two hundred thousand students trained and currently placed in more than a thousand of the world’s most reputable organisations; Regenesys has proven to be one of the fastest-growing and leading institutions providing management and leadership development skills in the world.


Regenesys approaches education holistically – intellectually, emotionally and spiritually delivering learning programmes that are designed to inspire and transform not only the minds but the hearts and souls of our students.


We strive to develop positive values, attitudes and behaviours required for achieving success in a rapidly changing global environment, putting the human into technology while at the same time using modern technology to create better humans.


Whether in the classroom or during other engagements, our watchword is excellence: always reaching for the highest standards of quality and service delivery that every student, staff and all other stakeholders deserve.


At Regenesys, we assist individuals and organisations in achieving their goals by enhancing their management and leadership potential.


Our ultimate goal is to awaken the potential lying dormant or untapped in individuals and corporate organisations.


We focus on uniting Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) with (Intelligent Quotient (IQ) and Physical Intelligence (PQ) such that the organisation reflects the attributes of highly conscious and effective individuals on its path towards growth and success.


Regenesys develops analytical thinkers, problem-solvers, emotionally intelligent and value-driven leaders that can operate successfully going into the 5th Industrial Revolution – and well beyond.


We explore cutting-edge management theories and models from local and global perspectives to complement individual leadership development processes, continually focusing on harnessing entrepreneurial skills for the possibility of creating sustainable new ventures.


Our programmes generate new options for career advancement, wealth creation and the expansion of your sphere of influence.


Regenesys is a hub for shared experiences, a place where theoretical learning meets practical application, where students network with business leaders, entrepreneurs and government leaders as they endeavour to grow in their careers.


As global thought leaders with campuses in the heart of Sandton, Lagos, and Mumbai, we do not just instruct and train, we develop astute business leaders with a passion and sense of responsibility to holistically manage people, profit, and the planet in a creative and sustainable manner.

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Applications can be done online at here




Contact our student consultants on




WhatsApp 0798737879


Applications close end 28 February 2021 or when we hit our 5000 enrolments


On request


Virtual open days twice a month on Saturdays. Next one on the 11th of November. Register here


Regenesys has the following courses on offer:


  • Bachelor of business administration
  • Bachelor of business administration: Banking
  • Bachelor of business administration: Retail management
  • Bachelor of accounting science
  • Bachelor of public management
  • Postgraduate diploma in business management
  • Postgraduate diploma in public management
  • Master of business administration
  • Higher certificate in business management
  • Higher certificate in retail management
  • Leadership development programme
  • Coding short course
  • National diploma in public management


Phone: 011 669 5000

Phone: 079 873 7879